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"There are basically two types of people: People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” -- Mark Twain

We are a linux focused company

More than 25 years of experience is available!



Flexible and result driven

Building fast and reliable IT infrastructures specialized for cloud solutions, datacenters, web applications and IoT solutions.

It all starts with people

With our own team, flex workers or strategic partners we can handle small projects up to large projects.​

Our main focus is the Linux operating system.

More than 25 years of experience is available!

24/7 monitoring the infra of your datacenter, cloud solution, webshop, moving your environment from one datacenter to another, maintaining the systems and keep them secure, it all is in our system.

We like to have a practical approach and be flexible in order to gain the most out of our effort to reach our goal. Your goal !


Kubernetes / Docker

Micro services

Fast scalable
Getting more popular these days is writing microservices and run them in a virtual environment like Docker. This all managed by Kubernetes in order to maintain high availability and make it easy to scale up easy (in seconds) for performance needs when high load is expected.

Mikrotik / Cisco

Physical networking

Secure and fast traffic

To connect your precious systems to the internet some physical devices are needed as well. We usually place Mikrotik or Cisco firewalls, routers and switches in between to create a secure internet connection.  

MySql / Percona cluster


Safe datastorage

Usually a robust database system is needed to store data safe for your environment. Regulations can be in place how to keep the data safe. We can translate those regulations into a technical solution. 

Grafana / Kibana

Monitoring and Alerting

Keep your environment healthy

In order to keep your environment running it is needed to log and proactive monitor the systems to prevent for example full disks or throttling your application because of performance issues. When issues are detected upfront and alerts are send out in time issues can be averted.


Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice systems for excellencent communication and conferencing 

The Asterisk VoIP system is particularly suitable for a professional connection with the outside world. Multiple national and international lines, profesional Call Center setup with quality monitoring and integration of mobile phones in your phonesystem are some of the many possibilities.

CentOS / Redhat / UX

The basis

Robust and stable operating system

The internet is unix.
Most populair operating systems like CentOS (or the paid variant of it, Redhat) have our main focus. However we can also support other popular Operating Systems.



Failover design
To keep systems running when maintenance is done or when in the unlikely event a failure occurs on one of the (virtual) machines loadbalancers are in place next to really balance the load over the different systems providing business critical services.
HAProxy is one of the most populair software based load balancers we put in place.  

NGINX / Apache


Providing a stable website and webshop

NGINX is one of of the most popular and light weight opensource servers for webapplications next to the Apache http server.

It will service your website in a fast and relialble way

Varnish / Redis / CDN


Faster response

To keep your site responding in a fast way (geographical) caching is a wise option.

Media can be cached upfront or in a geographical nearby location (via a content delivery network) instead of begin processed by the webserver each time a request comes in.


The Internet of Things

Agriculture or Industrial IoT solutions

We connect sensors to measure anything up to a distance of 10km. We do so with our in house knowledge of LoRaWan. See IoT page.

and more...

There is always more

New era, new technics

New technics are invented every hour. When these technics are embraced by a wider public we will master these technics to make it common knowledge for us.

In this page we just name the most populair modules we often come across. However ofcourse our knowledge is not limited to those modules only


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